Kadambari Sahu is a Lead interaction designer at Pramati Technologies and Wavemaker inc. She pursued her Masters in design from National Institute of Design, India in New Media Design. Her design practice allows her to work in different media where story telling and interaction design creates an engaging, playful and meaningful experiences. She has also worked on serious games.

“The Game Developer Conference in San Francisco was a very educational, entertaining and interactive experience. It was a great learning from workshop to expo to network. It offered a well rounded experience. The expo provided exposure to the latest, greatest, experimental, experiential, best and trending of the game world, a delight to experience and get inspiration from, to create awesome games and experiences.”

Blake Merriam is the founder of Game Designers Network India. A long time game industry veteran, Blake moved to India in 2005 and has been an active members of the game design community in India.  He has been a conference associate of UBM’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco since 1994.

“Game Developers Conference in San Francisco has always been the center point of learning best practices in game development the world over. It’s also the best place to connect with publishers, platform evangelists, and game development tools. It’s also a chance for many game developers in India to expand their international networks and to travel to the US, often for the first time. It’s been very satisfying to help so many people in India – my 2nd home – make a living doing what they love and that’s creating awesome games!”

Lalima Singh is an Instructional Designer with almost 12 years of experience in the fields of learning methodologies and technologies. Having worked with organizations such as NIIT, Tata Interactive Systems, Tata Communications, and Deloitte, she has substantial experience on how people learn using different approaches based on their individual needs and personality types.

In the Serious Games and Learning & Development based mobile application segments, Lalima has considerable know how on how to bring the “teach” into the ever growing, newer formats being used by today’s learners, players, and go getters.


Abhay Ramakrishnan is a Content Designer at Zynga. Before he started making games professionally, he worked as a copywriter in the advertising industry. With no formal game design education, he’s still learning how to make better games everyday.

GDC was one of the best experience of his life. He got to meet his heroes, network with his peers, listen to excellent talks and learn from the best. “If you believe in the medium and like making games, you’ll be crazy not to attend GDC at least once in your life.”

Ravi Mantena is the Co Founder of Nine Tail Studios based out of Hyderabad, after working on titles such as Star Trek : Trexels, Madagascar & Slot Machine as a game designer which together had over 45 Million downloads Ravi  decided to setup his own studio where they are working on real time multiplayer games for mobile. 

Guardians of Dark” a MOBA and a multiplayer word game called “Word It” will be our first two titles which are scheduled to launch in November 2016. 

“Game Developer Conference in San Fransisco is must go for everyone who is in the industry, it is the best event to get feedback about your products from industry veterans as well as learn about all the new technologies and understand where the gaming community is heading. “

Mariam Dholkawala is the Gaming Lead for Life Sciences at Tata Consultancy Services. When Mariam chose gaming over management, it was considered unconventional and niche. But 13 years down the line as the industry has evolved, Mariam’s focus on games has shifted from building casual games to games with a purpose. Mariam has worked with leading gaming companies such as Indiagames and Octane Mobile in the past to lead and build successful game products.

“Game Developers Conference in San Francisco was an experience that far succeeded my expectations of a gaming conference. The week was busy and filled with activities that added to my learnings as a game developer. The conference introduced me to new people from around the world as well as fellow Indian game developers from all over the country. Talking to such passionate developers gave me a wider exposure to the varied game ideas, game research, technologies and game building processes that are used by Indies and studios. GDC can be attended to network or to learn but at the end of it, it adds immense value to your personal and professional growth!”

Fresh out of the box, Ankush Madad represents the new generation of entrepreneurs in the Game Development Industry. He is two time College Dropout by education and a self-learnt game designer by profession.

In 2014, Ankush co-founded Dropout Games, his independent game studio venture. The studio has made two games so far, namely Blyss and UNWYND. Apart from critical acclaim and numerous International Award nominations, both Blyss and UNWYND have received consecutive Editor’s Choice release on Apple AppStore, a first for any Indian Studio.

Zainuddeen Fahadh
is the co-founder of Ogre Head Studio, a two man independent game company based in Hyderabad, India. Breaking into the industry at the age of 19, Zain has worked as an artist, designer  and studio Head, helping teams build games on mobile and PC. Lack of innovation and creativity in the Indian games industry led him to launch Ogre Head where he and his team are forging games all about Hack, Slash & Everything Epic.

Traveling around the world, he has participated in multiple prominent game conferences. Sharing his experiences via blog and hosting as well as participating in multiple events around the neighborhood , Zain is always on a lookout to help other game developers and the local indie game scene. His vision is to bring a change in the  Indian games industry and put it on the world map!