For the second year, Game Designers Network India is raising funds to send one or more deserving game developers from India to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 2018. Our Scholarship is named after Priyesh Dixit, a game developer who migrated with his family from India to North Carolina in 1995.

Our winning candidate this year is Narosenla Longkumer. Please read her bio below and consider donating. Our target is $1250 for travel and hotel.

My name is Narosenla Longkumer. I’m from Dimapur, Nagaland. Right now I am staying in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh studying for my B. Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been playing games since I was a little kid. One of the first games I used to play was from the CDs I got with Digit Magazine. During my high school days, I was really into playing Video games that I started forming and joining Facebook Groups to talk about it. I played famous games like COD franchise, the Elder Scrolls, etc but the games that gave me a huge impact were those old school indie games and the top down 2D rpg games. Some are from the Amaranth Games and other worth mentioning are Super Meat Boy and Abobo’s Big Adventure. Later on I decided to try out making my own games. I didn’t have much technical and design knowledge that time. But luckily there was an engine called RPG maker and since then, there was no turning back. I enjoyed making small game and scenes. I spent hours and hours on it and wanted to make more than just 2D rpg games. From there onwards, I made my decision that I will become a video game developer.

After I joined College, I thought I would meet people who are passionate in video games like me. But there were none. Even the place was like my hometown with no studios/companies on game development. So I did my usual online research and started watching online courses on Game Development and meeting people online. I was quite disappointed when I was in 1st year and I didn’t want my juniors to face the same consequences so by 2nd year, I started to promoting game development and conducted a game jam within the campus. Currently in 3rd year, I held a workshop in game development using Unity Game Engine. I found out this online game development club called Gamkedo by Chris DeLeon. It is worth mentioning because for the first time, I started making games with the people that have the same passion as me. They were total online strangers but I trusted them. Plus, I am already used to talking to online game developers whom I’ve never met. I gained a lot of knowledge and motivation. When I first found out about the Priyesh Dixit Scholarship by Game Designers Network India, I saw an opportunity to actually meet people from the gaming industry and learn from them. Not only that but in GDC, I’ll attend lectures from people that create professional games and the games that I have been playing! I used to watch videos and read articles but I never got the financial support from my parents to go to places for workshops/conference or meeting game developers. Going to the Game Developers Conference will be one of the best moments in my life.